Some Essential Nutrients for Growing Cannabis

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Growing cannabis plants can be a challenging task, especially if you lack the practical knowledge of how to do it. Understanding the basic needs of your plants from germination, flowering, and maturity is fundamental for higher yields. Starting with light, cannabis plants do well in well-lit places; there must be optimal temperatures, and above all, the medium must have the right nutrient content. 

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There are many essential nutrients that any plant needs. However, the cannabis plant has several essential nutrients that it needs to grow properly and deliver the desired outcomes. Feeding the cannabis plants using the right proportions of nutrients boosts growth. However, fewer amounts of the nutrients available for your plant might lead to the plants being anemic or may cause plant death.  

Here are some of the best nutrients for growing your marijuana plants:

Cannabis plant essential elements or nutrients 

For your plant to grow, there are three essential elements to consider and provide, i.e., oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. These elements enable the plant to induce photosynthesis, which promotes plant growth. Besides, they support proper plant functionality and allows the production of energy as they form the basis for carbon dioxide production. 

These come from the atmosphere and the environment in which you are growing your cannabis plants. Hydrogen and oxygen are available in the water that you feed the seedlings and plants during the growth cycle. Ensure proper aeration of the growing area, which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and also aids in regulating the heat. 

cannabis nutrients

If your cannabis lacks either of these essential nutrients or elements, they will start to wilt, have droopy leaves, and may end up dying. Ensuring that you provide these elements in an appropriate amount and with the right frequency will improve your plant health and guarantee maximum yields. 

Primary plant care nutrients (Macronutrients)

Primary care nutrients include phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. They help keep plants alive by forming essential plant building blocks. The classification comes from the large amounts of these nutrients that cannabis plants require. However, these need a cannabis farmer to follow the right nutrient proportions less risk overdoing it or under-doing it, which has severe consequences on your yields. 

  • Nitrogen works by promoting essential plant processes such as photosynthesis and protein synthesis. It is critical to the growth stage of cannabis as it lays the growth foundation making it stable and healthy. Low levels of nitrogen are visible through yellow leaves, stunted plants, and drying of plant tips. 
  • Phosphorus promotes healthy seed production by ensuring active RNA and DNA. It provides better flower formation and an enhanced root structure. It is also essential in the growth stage, vegetative, and when your cannabis plants start to mature. Shortage or deficiencies in phosphorus present themselves through purple tints in the plant leaves, delays in the blooming stage, thus, delayed plant maturity. 
cannabis nutrients
  • Potassium is essential as it protects the plant from infections. It ensures better growth structure and strong roots and is fundamental during the plants blooming stage. Deficiencies in potassium are apparent if your plants have tiny flower buds, stems, and fragile leaves, yellow or brown in color, and delays in the growth stage or process. 

Secondary plant care nutrients 

Even though the consumption of secondary nutrients is not on a large scale in comparison to primary nutrients, their importance is similar to the above nutrient classification. These secondary nutrients include:

Calcium and magnesium are essential in the flowering stage of your cannabis plants. They help your flowers to bloom and work in synergy to boost each other’s performance, i.e., magnesium boosts calcium functionality and vice versa. It promotes plant structure by enhancing the structure of your leaves and stems. As a result, your plants increase the resulting yields. 

Low levels of magnesium result in curled leaves and yellowing of the leaf veins, especially the middle vein. Calcium deficiencies result in the death of plant and leaf tips, weakening of plant leaves and stems, and leaves that appear to be dark green. 

Sulfur is another essential secondary nutrient that every cannabis plant requires. It aids in the production of critical cannabis-based terpenoids and the maturity of flower buds. Also, it promotes the creation and synthesis of amino acids. 

Cannabis plant micronutrients 

cannabis nutrients

Other elements or nutrients that are crucial for your plant’s survival are micronutrients. Their essentiality is not in the quantity available, but in the quality of cannabis-based farm yield, you are looking forward to harvesting. For speedy growth, you need an abundance of these micronutrients. 

Iron and zinc are especially important. Iron helps revive cannabis plants and protects from infestations and other plant infections. Zinc helps to regulate plant growth. Also, it acts as a catalyst vital for different metabolic processes of the plant. Other minerals that help with varying operations of the plant include nickel, copper, boron, and molybdenum, among others. 

Hydroponic Nutrients 

For most cannabis growers, bringing their cannabis products to a reliable Toronto cannabis store is fundamental. However, these stores follow strict guidelines regarding growth procedures and nutrient, which impact on the quality of cannabis yields you get. For some, growing cannabis using hydroponics may signal the best in achieving the desired nutrient content necessary for cannabis plant growth. 

For hydroponics finding the right balance similar to that of the soil with the right nutrient content is crucial. As a result, many nutrients adding products present on the market today, gear towards hydroponically grown cannabis plants. However, if using these nutrients, follow the guidelines they provide to ensure that you offer your plant with the right ration of concentrated mineral combinations for proper growth. 


Sustaining your cannabis plant is crucial, mainly if you aim to get quality yields. Providing suitable nutrients for your cannabis growth stage, vegetative, flowering, and maturity stages translate to healthy plants and more returns. Also, make sure you buy high-quality cannabis seeds from reputed retailers only. For this reason, we recommend you shop at justcannabis that would ensure you excellent quality at affordable prices. Therefore, examining and keeping a record of your plant’s nutritional needs is just a single step towards achieving proper nutrition for your plants. Take care of your cannabis plants and expect more and quality harvest.

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