5 Fastest Flowering Strains to Grow from Seed

fastest flowering strains

Growing cannabis plants till maturity and proper harvesting can be a gruesome procedure that many opt not to engage in. However, for individuals with a passion for farming the plant, finding the right space, the proper growing conditions are just another day at work. According to a study, ensuring continuous light for indoor or outdoor plants, and enough nutrient content for your cannabis plants will make them grow fast. 

However, it is fundamental to identify the fastest flowering cannabis strains to grow at your farm. The strains are highly profitable as they flower early, which indicates early maturity. Besides, there are no significant impacts on the final product during harvesting. As a result, your yields might go high in a year with fast flowering cannabis plants.

Here are some of the fastest cannabis seeds to a flower that you should have in your cannabis garden. 

1. Strawberry Kush 

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This Sativa dominant cannabis strain is a hybrid that derives its diverse effects from OG Kush and the famous strawberry cough. For a beginner, it might be the best and fastest flowering marijuana plant at your disposal. Whether you are starting as a farmer or as a user, the strain offers the best possible options for you. 

It is easy to plant and grow and requires little attention and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor growing spaces. The plant is a feminized plant and requires approximately eight weeks to start flowering. The flowering period goes for about two weeks before it starts to mature. With the right luck and cultivation skill, you may harvest over 650 g from outdoor strawberry Kush farm from each plant and 450g from indoor growing. 

This cannabis strain has many beneficial impacts and recreational elements that will come in shape in a short period. It is euphoric, making it suitable for therapy sessions and enhancing individual moods. It causes a high that allows people to relax, become highly creative, and improves mood. Therefore, you feel happier and are more social, opening up to the world and letting you flow with time. 

The fruity flavor of strawberries makes the strain unique, especially in combination with the spicy accents. Sometimes, you will identify and earthy aroma with herbal accents. Depending on your favorite flavor, deciding which of the flavors to go for is entirely your preference. 

2. Super skunk 

Just like the name suggests, the plant is easily identifiable due to the bad odors it releases. The first is ammonia, which leeks intensely with cheese and fungus smell added to the mix. However, even with the disgusting smell, the cannabis strain has many advantages attached to it. 

Some of these include pain relief, appetite control, and insomnia treatment, among others. Therefore, you can have it as its flavors are pretty different from its fragrance, which is fruity with citrus and earthy accents in the mix. One can buy this strain easily from reputed Canada weed dispensary and reap in all the benefits easily.

The strain is a mix of the Afghani and the skunk cannabis strain. It flowers in 52 days and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor farming methods. It has a THC content of 20% with yields accounting to 510g for indoor harvests and 595g per plant in outdoor harvests. 

3.  White widow

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As one of the most prominent cannabis strains in the world, being a fast flowering strain makes it even more interesting. The strain is famous for its happy thought induction lifting your mood and allowing you to relax while at the same time being more energetic than ever. Moreover, it offers several flavors to select from if unsatisfied with the other. You can choose a pine woody or earthy aroma. If you don’t like them, go for the sweet or sugary flavors instead. 

The Indica strain germinates within a few days, and flowers fast in approximately 56 days. It is suitable for cultivation both in indoor farms or outdoors where it is much more spacious. It poses no difficulty in farming but requires adequate attention, just like all other cannabis plants. When it comes to the yields of indoor agriculture, they are approximately 110g for a square foot and the equivalent for a single cannabis plant outdoors. Therefore, farming outdoors is much more beneficial when it comes to the number of yields you get at the end of the period. 

4. Gorilla Glue 

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When it comes to the extreme in the cannabis world regarding cannabinoid contents, then this tops the list. This fast-flowering cannabis strain has THC levels of 30%, which makes it supreme to others. Even if you have the skill in having marijuana, the strain will have you lazing around and sleeping on your couch in a few minutes. It has several fragrances it releases and flavors for you to choose from. 

With a flowering period of 7 weeks to nine weeks, you can grow the Chem-sis, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel mix strain indoors or outdoors. The plants grow quite tall, and its potency is characterized by the enhanced stickiness of the trichomes while still maturing, especially before you harvest. 

5. Love Potion Strain

Love potion strain is a hybrid that originates from the Colombian gold and the G13. With a THC content of 18% on the higher side and 15% on the lower side, this Sativa strain offers the best out there on the market. However, the plant also has essential Indica characteristics accounting for 30% of the entire plant, with the rest being Sativa.

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Growing this specific cannabis strain for increased yields is possible only outdoors. The returns in a square meter for indoor farms are approximately 340g while the equivalent is from a single plant in an outdoor farm. Its flowering period is about ten weeks. It has spicy tinges in its aroma with a skunky and citrus accents adding to the scent mix. For those not interested in fragrances but the taste, love portion strain comes in lemon flavor with spicy, lime, and skunky tastes. When it comes to its medical benefits, the strain helps relieve stress, depressing situations, and depression, in general, induces appetite, and provides energy, especially if fatigued. 

It helps you relax, lifts your mood, and can make you euphoric once you start using it. You feel more energetic, social, and much happier. 


The variety of fast flowering cannabis seeds out there is numerous. Selecting just one can be tiring. However, having a list of what it is you are after helps you in making the decision. With the above suggestions, you may find one amongst the others, farm it, and enjoy the best yields ever. 

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