Why Strict Hemp Regulations are Perfect for Producing High-Quality CBD Oil in the US


The legalization of marijuana in various states of the US has made the guidelines for cannabis clear. But the laws on CBD are still confusing.CBD offers the best benefits of cannabis without causing the characteristic high thus enabling interest in more people across the world.  There are various independent products that revolve around CBD oil such as tinctures, beverages, oils, creams, etc. These products are reflections of how CBD will embed into our lives soon.

Apart from CBD, another interesting component that has gained wide attention is hemp. While the laws on marijuana have favored CBD oil and its use so far, another important regulation to take into account is hemp. Hemp has often faced prejudice for its relation to the indica or sativa cannabis plant. Although the THC content is insignificant, hemp production took a dip in the mid-’90s. The situation has improved today but there is still a significant part of the regulations around hemp which are yet to establish. Apart from directly changing the arena for hemp production, these regulations can also influence the production of high-quality CBD oil.

CBD vs Hemp

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While hemp is a variation of the Cannabis plant, CBD is a compound derived from various types of cannabis. In fact, hemp also contains certain levels of CBD and very low levels of THC which is less than 0.3%. While hemp carries a part of a psychoactive substance found in cannabis, CBD is a pure compound which does not have any psychoactive effects. About cultivation, hemp is an easier plant to grow even in extreme conditions and gives much higher productivity than most marijuana varieties. Marijuana requires a more controlled environment to flourish. CBD is useful because of its health and medicinal benefits whereas hemp has various other utilities including for producing fiber, clothing, etc. One can extract CBD from both marijuana and hemp although their legal status differs.

The regulations on hemp today in the US

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In 2014 the first approval from Congress arrived. This gave the liberty to different states to set their own regulations for hemp cultivation in their respective areas. Over thirty states pledged this liberty to say ‘yes’ to industrial hemp growth across their regions. But today the Farm Bill with Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 has in fact encouraged hemp growth to a large extent. The act removes hemp from Federally controlled substances. This has enabled more opportunity for farmers across the country.

How does this impact the quality of CBD oil?

The rise of CBD

CBD oils have been reaching shelves in the US market. A wide range of products including creams, tinctures, pain relief oil is accessible at local dispensaries and through online platforms such as Ontario weed online. THC has been a sensitive substance to work in clinical trials due to its psychoactive properties. But one of the primary reasons behind the popularity of CBD oil is because of its medicinal benefits without psychoactive effects. Clinical trials to support these are under progress in various parts of the world. CBD has stepped up to offer various health benefits of cannabis without leaving a high making a great option. The buzz around this amazing ingredient has been around for a long time now. But CBD production will get regulated due to legalities around cannabis itself very soon.

The current problem with unregulated CBD products

The uncertainty over the legal status of CBD has left consumers from around the world baffled. While there are many CBD based products available, the question arises on their quality. Market regulations will establish soon but are there any tests that certify the quality of the CBD used? Although companies have to meet standards during manufacturing, the quality of these products is still unknown.  Local dispensaries are of course the right place to get standard CBD based products. But the expansion of CBD infused products leaves the consumers skeptical about its quality and legal status.

How can strict hemp regulations ease the situation?

CBD can help treat various ailments. Hence ensuring high-quality products is important for safe treatment.  With centralized regulations on industrial hemp, one can guarantee the quality of CBD oil. With proper regulations, we can assure the quality of hemp plants and the oil derived from them to be of high grade as well as safe. Regulations on the hemp market indirectly influence and regulates the CBD oil derived with hemp as a source.

Hemp contains very low THC levels and hence the quality of  CBD oils derived from them will not have psychoactive effects exists. These strict regulations on hemp ensure that the available oil is of high grade and good nutritious benefits along with high yield. And hence from supplements to oils for vaping CBD oil produced will be of high quality. It is also advised to buy products from the best online vape shops online that offer a number of choices and best quality.

What to expect?

CBD is a growing market with a promising potential to revolutionize medicine. More people are adopting to CBD based treatments and medications. They share positive results to support the efficiency of the same. The research and clinical trials to back these feedbacks are also under process. The CBD oil market is going through regularization in the US. Strict regulations over hemp production can be a great way of ensuring good quality CBD to be available to the consumer. As legalization starts to loosen over the other states more guidelines towards cannabis plants will get established. Better regularization will improve the market for CBD and ensure high-quality products in the market.

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