6 Strange Facts About Red Horn Kratom Capsules

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Kratom leaves come in a variety of shapes and colors. These features, especially the color, give the kratom strains their names. The strange thing, though, is that kratom plants are not any different in their colors. All kratoms have green leaves.

The color difference depends on the season. In spring, the leaves are white, and if harvested at this stage, they have a milder alkaloid content. As the seasons change, the leaves turn green then red in the summer. The red leaves end up with a unique alkaloid content from the white ones, making them different products.

Kratom suppliers always want to give their customers the best kratom strains for maximum benefits. One of the most popular kratom products is the red horn kratom capsules. How well do you know the red horn strains, and do you know these capsules pack some strange facts?

Strange Facts About Red Horn Kratom Capsules

1.     Red Horn Kratom Capsules Are Very Rare to Find

Have you noticed that it is not easy getting your hands on your favorite kratom capsules? Well, that’s because the plant from which the powder is derived is very rare. In fact, the Red Horn kratom grows in just one region in the whole world, Borneo.

Red Horn Kratom is so highly demanded that the crops are often sold before harvest! This high demand and restricted growing conditions make the capsules very thin. The yearly crop yield for Red Horn kratom is always too low to meet the demand.

2.     Red Horn Capsules are Unpredictable

Red Horn is often referred to as the “unpredictable” kratom strain. Other kratom strains have a rather predictable outcome, but that’s not the case with the Red Horn. You can take one capsule today, and everything is blissful, and you are full of energy. But one capsule could also give unpredictable results the next day.  It can be sedating, leaving you deeply sedated and relaxed.

The effects of the Red Horn kratom can also be too strong and long-lasting. If you are a new user, this is not the kratom strain you want to start with. Even for experienced users, you should take very low doses since it may have unpredictable results.

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3.     Red Horn Capsules are Very Potent

Red Horn capsules are some of the most potent kratoms you will come across. Actually, many people confuse the Red Horn with Mae Dang because of its potency. When using Red Horn kratom capsules, it is advisable to start with very low doses.

A dose of 1 gram is often enough to take one through the day. You have to take about 2-3 grams to feel their stimulating effects for most other strains. Since they are highly potent, low doses of even 5 grams can be hallucinogenic.

4.     Red Horn Capsules are More Healing than Euphoric

Contrary to what most people think about highly potent kratom strains, Red Horn strains are not intensely euphoric. They offer more healing effects than pleasure. Even high doses are not necessarily euphoric.

As an unpredictable strain, you can take high doses and feel extremely euphoric but feel nothing with the same dosage the next day. Many users, however, report satisfactory therapeutic benefits with very low doses.

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5.     They Come from Horned Kratom Leaves

The leaves of Red Horn kratom are shaped like a horn. It is not uncommon for plants to have different characteristics based on the region. So, it is not surprising that some kratom species from Borneo have horned leaves. No other region has horned kratom.

Some people believe that the horn-shaped leaves help preserve the leaves’ alkaloid content, making the strain more potent. If you look at the leaves, they have spiky edges like protruding horns.

6.     Red Horn Capsules are More Expensive than other Kratoms

Every kratom user knows that the Red Horn Capsules do not come cheap. Why is this so, yet they contain similar alkaloid content as other kratom strains? You will not get a unique experience from the red horn than you do with other strains. So, anyone who claims that the Red Horn kratom offers superior benefits isn’t being truthful.

Your Red Horn capsules are expensive simply because they are rare. It is simply a matter of demand and supply. The Red Horn is rare yet highly demanded, making the Kratom prices go up.


The first thing you will notice when you take a gram of Red Horn kratom capsule is its striking potency. So, you need to be cautious with the dosage when Red Horn capsules.

A small dose serves most people well, and it should do the same for you. However, it is advisable to consult a kratom expert to help with the right dosage for different effects.

Also, because it is unpredictable, you want to be in a safe environment when you take the capsules. This is not the best kratom to take when you have a busy day because you don’t know how it might react. As a precaution, take in when you have nothing serious to handle for the day.

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