Improving Your Everyday Health with Innovative Cannabis Medicine

innovative cannabis medicine

There are certain types of medicines that have been around for centuries (see our series on cannabis history). Still, even though alternative medicinal resources have been in use, they are not always the most mainstream. Marijuana has been used for its many health benefits for hundreds of years in the states and yet we have only recently begun to explore the possibilities of incorporating the plant into daily health routines.

innovative medicine takes many forms

There are other medicines that also exist on the market, but they unfortunately tend to be overlooked until their effectiveness has been proven over the course of many years. Medical marijuana is taking its initial baby steps into the medical world and we are still in the experimental phase. The same can be said for the experimentation phase we are currently going through with other alternative forms of medicines, such as dietary supplements.

Tips for Digestive Health

Total Restore is specifically designed to tackle certain stomach issues caused by a poorly maintained stomach lining. By improving the health of the stomach lining through strengthening the gut itself, the hope is that those who choose to include it as part of their daily regimen will reap the benefits of better stomach health overall. It is a body support blend that is formulated to help the body naturally maintain itself as it goes through its usual processes. This medication, when used in conjunction with cannabis products, will undoubtedly help the body’s functions at a daily level without the need to significantly alter your personal lifestyle.

Cannabis and Brain Health

innovative cannabis health with cannabis leaf

There is plenty of research to show improvements and benefits for brain health for those who use cannabis for wellness purposes (including dementia). Mice have been tested by researchers in order to test out the effects that cannabis shows when it is included in a daily regimen. The mice were given a daily dose of THC over the course of 18 months. A series of puzzles, including a maze, were given to the mice to figure out while they were under the influence. During the duration of this trial promising positive benefits have been shown in the test subjects in the area of brain activity and memory. The hope from these types of trials is that we will eventually be able to implement a plan that helps Alzheimer’s patients with a more improved health care plan.

Medical Marijuana Uses

cannabis plant for innovative medicine

A large portion of the American public have voted in support of the use of medical marijuana. Recreational marijuana use is also highly supported by Americans. It seems that the general public is concentrating less on the spotty past of the natural plant and more on the health benefits of medical marijuana and how it can better serve those who are suffering from certain chronic conditions. Chronic pain is one of the largest reasons that individuals with life affecting conditions turn to smoking marijuana as a means for handling their symptoms. There are other types of life threatening conditions, such as eating and mood disorders, that also may require the need for medical marijuana as a means of therapy.

THC and CBD Oil

What is the difference between THC and CBD Oil? Both are derived from the cannabis plant. THC tends to produce the strongest reaction, as far as a sense of high goes. It is what can be taken from the plant with all of the psychoactive effects that are often associated with the marijuana sub-culture who enjoy it for recreational purposes. CBD, on the other hand, is a type of oil that is also derived from cannabis but which tends to lack the psychoactive and “head high” effects that THC tends to produce. CBD oil is used for chronic pain and other conditions for medical purposes, since it does not tend to possess much THC content when it is processed into its more pure form. Meaning that those who take CBD products through ingestion or otherwise will not likely experience anything similar to the psychoactive effects that result from smoking marijuana on its own.

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