How Does The Firefly Vaporizer Work?

Firefly Vaporizer

According to studies, vaporizers offer a much safer way to enjoy your daily dose of cannabis and tobacco dry herbs. These pens eliminate the smoke from your product and provide more heat control. You can also experiment with various flavours. While finding a dry herb or concentrate vaporizer is an effortless task, not all are the same. Even when you find the best model on the market, there are various things to note if you want the best vaping experience. The first part of any learning curve involves knowing how your vaporizer works.

What is Firefly 2 vaporizer?

Firefly 2 is one of the vaporizers that can work with both dry herbs and concentrates. Unlike most conventional vaporizers, it provides a unique experience, with a different way to power up and use the device. This vaporizer features a magnesium alloy chassis, removable mouthpiece, capacitive touch sensors and a heating chamber with laser-drilled micro-jets.

The lid gasket also features a glass window to view the content in the heating chamber. Other features include LED lights indicators for battery and heating. You can make it your personalized weed vaporizer and smoke herbs with it. It is worth checking out marijuana growing kits on sale if you want to smoke the natural strains at home.

How does it work?

Firefly is one of the most reputable dry herb vaporizers on the market. If you seek the therapeutic benefits of dry cannabis, this vaporizer will not disappoint. However, new users may find it a little daunting, especially coming from other conventional designs. There are various features in the vaporizer, with each performing a unique function. The two most important areas to note are:

  1. Light indicators

The Firefly can produce light in three different colours: green, blue and red. A blinking green light indicates that the vaporizer is heating. When the light becomes solid green, it shows your device is ready for use. The blue light is for charging. While the vaporizer in on the dock, a blinking blue light indicates it is charging. Solid blue or four blue blinks means your batteries are full. Three blue flashes indicate 75% charge while two blinks and one blink imply 50% and 25% charge respectively. When the light blinks red, it shows the battery is running out and requires charging. Solid red means you should let the vaporizer cool down for a few minutes before reusing.

  • Charging your vaporizer

Before you begin vaping your favorite strain, make sure you charge the vape pen. Like most modern vaporizers, Firefly can connect to any standard USB adapter. You can plug it to a PC or any electronic device that has a USB plug. For fast charging, choose a wall adaptor with 9watts of more. This should take 45 minutes to go from zero to full charge. Plugging on a PC or other devices will take longer. You should charge your vaporizer only when it blinks red to extend the battery life. The device also features replaceable batteries, so you can remove and pack a new set. To replace the batteries, push the door forward as the pointing arrow directs. Replace the cells in the compartment and push back the door until you hear a click.

Packing loose-leaf and concentrates

To vape dry herb, open the magnetic lid gasket by lifting on either side. Make sure you have ground the dry herb to a uniform consistency. Most vaporizers work well with the finely-ground product. However, Firefly uses convection to vaporize the herb. As such, it works well with slightly coarse material. If your grinder only produces fine particles, you can hand-tear the content.

Once you open the vaporizer, loosely fill the heating chamber then tap down with your finger. You can fill the chamber past the rim, but not too full that it spreads inside the interior surfaces. Ensure there is no debris or material on any surface except the heating chamber. Replace the lid gasket and close it correctly to form a tight seal.

If you are using concentrates, you will require a concentrate pad, which comes together with the vaporizer. Place the pad in the heating chamber and press it firmly on the bottom of the chamber. Place a small amount of concentrate at the center of the chamber. Avoid tightly packing the chamber with concentrates. A grain of rice is enough. If you are using liquid concentrates, add two to three drops.

Vaping with Firefly 2

firefly vapeorizer for flower

Like many automatic draw vaporizers, Firefly offers no press button. However, it does not turn on automatically. You need to place your finger lightly on the two touch sensors on the side of the vaporizer. Do not press too hard. Just touch gently like someone pressing on their smartphone screen. Watch for a green glow LED indicator before you take the first draw. It should blink twice before becoming solid green. Hold the capacitive sensors for around 10 seconds while taking deep, slow draws. You can inhale deeply much longer if you want denser vapour. Release your fingers from the sensors to stop heating. It is also recommendable to stir the content of the heating chamber after a few draws. This helps your vaporizer to heat the material uniformly. For concentrates, you can use the Firefly smartphone app to set your vaporizer to the right temperature to accomplish it manually. Aside from temperature setting, the vaping procedure is similar to that of dry herb.

How to maintain Firefly 2 for the best vaping experience

Firefly is a sleek vaporizer capable of providing satisfying vaping experiences. However, learning how to use any vaporizer is still essential. Simple observations like draining your vape pen before recharging and cleaning it after every use are very crucial to the longevity and performance of your device. You can clean the vaping chamber, mouthpiece and vapor path with a cleaning pick. Never use water to clean your vaporizer unless the user manual tells you otherwise. For Firefly, you can use an alcohol wipe to remove residue occasionally. Concentrates tend to stick onto the heating chamber, so you can preheat your vaporizer for a few seconds before picking out the debris. 


Firefly has various elegant vaporizers for dry herb and concentrates. The second edition is a slight improvement from the first device and also reflects some exciting features to enhance your vaping experience. However, it is essential to note that various other factors influence the vaping experience you get. You should start by choosing high-quality vaping products, whether dry herb or concentrates. Choose credible, reputable dispensaries that can guarantee safety and quality. It is also recommendable to read through the user manual before you begin using your vaporizer.

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