Weekly Dose of Woah #21 [April 24, 2019]


This week’s dose of woah comes from one of the best symbols of lifelessness and boringness in the universe: a rock.

How could this rock possibly be woah-worthy?

Well, just like with almost every Weekly Dose of Woah, there is more than meets the eye with this rock.

To the naked eye, the rock — composed of oxygen, silicon, chlorine, sodium and aluminium — is blue-grey with white streaks. Because of its appearance, it’s widely used in inlays, but when placed under long wave ultraviolet light, sodalite lights up, revealing the orange-yellow veins that give it an incandescent appearance.

Gem and mineral dealer Erik Rintamaki was on the beaches of Lake Superior, between Whitefish Point and Grand Marais, when he made a curious discovery.

He stumbled across some rocks that seemed to be glowing, emitting a potent glow when exposed to ultraviolet light — they seemed to be partially molten. This is what they looked like under UV light:

Not Rintamaki dubbed them “yooperlites”, a nod to locals from Upper Michigan who are often referred to as Yoopers.

See the yooperlites transform under UV light in this mesmerizing video:

Learn more about yooperlites, here.

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