Weekly Dose of Woah #1 [December 5, 2018]

magenta green dot motion illusion

In this week’s Weekly Dose of Woah, we invite you you stare at the black cross in the image for 20 seconds.

magenta green dot motion illusion

Did you see the green dot moving around the circle?


Blink your eyes a few times.


Did it go away?


The big reveal…there is no green dot in that image.


Your brain creates this hallucination by trying (and failing) to make sense of the magenta dots disappearing. This illusion is due partially to the fact that green is the complimentary (i.e. opposite) color of magenta and your brain is actually processing visual input from the colors in this image based on how much magenta versus green there is.

Once the magenta goes away, your brain expects there to be a green dot (winning the match against the magenta) and will make you see one even when there is nothing there but grey. The same kind of thing happens with up versus down or right versus left motion as seen in the after effect illusion (stare at theĀ  image below for 20 seconds then look at a blank wall [EPILEPSY WARNING]):

Reality is certainly not as it appears.


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