Weekly Dose of Woah #13 [February 27, 2019]

bug that looks like weed

We’ve all seen bugs that look like sticks, birds, or other parts of their environment.

But, have you ever seen a bug that looks like weed?

If you love the glorious anatomy of cannabis, the Lacewing Bug might just be your new favorite insect. Of the order Neruoptera, the Lacewing is known for carrying debris.

The debris it carries includes organic material like lichens and little scraps of vegetation from its surrounding environment. The collection ends up looking a little something like some pretty good dank, trichomes and all.

See for yourself:

This bug looks like weed. Check out these pictures of the Lacewing Bug carrying debris and see if you think it looks like a nug of marijuana.

However, just because this bug looks like weed, doesn’t mean it’s chill. The Lacewing Bug is a savage; part of the debris it carries on its back includes the carcasses of other bugs that it killed.

What do you think? Does this bug look like weed? Drop us a comment below if you had to do a double take.

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