Weekly Dose of Woah #5 [January 2, 2019]

Woah Sound Waves - OscylinderScope

In this week’s Weekly Dose of Woah, we invite you to check out this rare glimpse at the actual waves that create sound (when they come in contact with your inner ear).


While we can usually here these waves, they are usually not visible to the human eye. It appears as though the colors and lines of the rolling drum behind the strings of the bass creates a “shutter effect”, allowing you to see the waves on the strings that are producing the sound.

According to Norman Tuck, who owns a patent on “The OscylinderScope” says:

The wavy patterns you see aren’t really there, but they reveal something about the strings vibration and the sounds you hear.  Tighter strings produce more rapid vibrations when plucked, so you hear more and smaller waves – and hear higher pitches. When the barrel spins your eyes capture images of the moving strings in front of the white stripes. Your visual system combines these images into a steady view of a wavy line.

Cool, huh?

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