Weekly Dose of Woah #6 [January 9, 2019]

sulfur hexaflouride woah

In this week’s Weekly dose of Woah, we invite you to check out this mesmerizing video of a man tilting over what appears to be an empty container:

However, that container isn’t actually empty. It’s filled with a gas called Sulfur HexaflourideThis interesting substance is 5 time more dense than oxygen, so it’s actually sitting in the container instead of rising out of it.

When the man “dumps” the Sulfur Hexaflouride onto the table it moves the oxygen out of the way. Since fire needs oxygen and Sulfur Hexaflouride is non-flammable, the flames on the candle go out once the oyxgen has been displaced.

Cool, huh?

Sulfur Hexaflouride is the same gas that goes by “deep voice gas”, which you may have seen on TV.

Check it out:

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