Weekly Dose of Woah #31 [July 3, 2019]

magic eye illusion

As a kid, I remember being fascinated (perhaps obsessed) with autostereograms

Often called a “magic eye”, from a series of books containing such images, an autostereogram creates a depth perception illusion that takes advantage of the way your brain processes information coming in from both eyes.

Essentially, using special printers, an autostereogram can hide an image within an image where the hidden image is only revealed when you converge (i.e. focus) your eyes in a specific way.

Give it a try on the image below. Try and look “past” the image as if it were see-through and you were trying to see something in the distance. This will help to unfocus your eyes, almost like you’re going cross-eyed. If you’re on your phone, it may help to put your phone to your nose and then slowly move your phone away.

Can you see it?! Tell us what you think the hidden image is in the comments.

If you can’t, let us know in the comments as well. We will reply to every commenter with the hidden image.

We are particularly interested if your ability to see the hidden image changes as a function of whether or not you are currently under the influence of cannabis. Let us know!

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  1. My wife and I absolutely cannot see the 3D image and are only mildly under the influence of cannabis and I need to know what it is now…

  2. I just spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to see it but couldn’t. Under the influence of LEVELs float cart.

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