Weekly Dose of Woah #15 [March 13, 2019]

sea cucumber eating

Have you ever seen a sea cucumber?

They look like this:

Or if you’re at a Japanese restaurant, they look like this:

To be honest, they don’t look all that “woah-worthy”.

However, seeing them “feed” is another story. These amazing marine creatures fold out a series of arms that filter the surrounding water and then shove the debris into their feeding hole (unless you want to call such an incredible orifice a mouth).

Check it out in the video below. Watch the whole thing to see the full effect.

Didn’t think such a basic looking creature was capable of creating such an awe-inspiring experience, huh? Guess you shouldn’t judge a cucumber by its skin???

Can’t get enough? Here’s another clip from Blue Planet

sea cucumbers eat

Okay, one more…

sea cucumbers eat

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