Weekly Dose of Woah #22 [May 1, 2019]

tardigrade in algae

Have you heard about the Tardigrade? Also known as the “water bear”, they gained a ton of popularity (notoriety??) recently when scientists discovered they could survive in space!

A European team of researchers sent a group of living tardigrades to orbit the earth on the outside of a FOTON-M3 rocket for ten days. When the water bears returned to Earth, the scientists discovered that 68 percent lived through the ordeal. (Read More)

Tardigrades are thought to be the most resilient creatures known to man– far outperforming the cockroach.

With this perspective in mind, watching the video below made us say “woah”. The fact that one of life’s most successful creatures could also be so “cute” as it crawls through some algae made us feel flooded with a sense of awe. At between .1 and 1.5mm in size, these cute little water bears can be found all over the planet.

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