Weekly Dose of Woah #44 [October 2, 2019]

natural visual illusion

If you’ve been with the Weekly Doses of Woah from the beginning, you know we’re a fan of making you say “woah” by way of visual illusions.

Typically, such illusions are generated in labs, specifically designed ot take advantage of the hard-coding of your visual system.

What’s extra cool is when the illusions present themselve organically.

For instance, take a look at this video recording of people leaving the San Siro Football Stadium in Milan:

via Gfycat

Doesn’t it look like the entire sprial structure is moving?

All that is moving are the people. Since each level of people walking are in sync, it provides the illusion that the entire structure is moving. That is, until you realize it and “snap out of it”.

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