Weekly Dose of Woah #48 [October 30, 2019]

MRI of speaking

Are you ready to “see” beatboxing?

The video below is of a talented beatboxer doing his thing while in an MRI. An MRI is capable of taking a 3D image of any part of the body every fraction of a second. Put all the images together and you have a movie, synced to audio, revealing all the delicate intricacies necessary to put on an impressive beatboxing performance.

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Nicco is the co-founder and CEO of WoahStork and Strain Genie-- two companies dedicated to bringing to life his passion of bringing personalized medicine to the cannabis industry. Nicco received his PhD from UCLA in cognitive neuroscience with a focus on machine learning applied to neuroimaging datasets. He previously received two B.As from NYU in Psychology and Philosophy.

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