3 Ways Cannabis Can Enhance Chiropractic Treatments

cbd for chiropractors

Chiropractors were once called “quacks” and “back crackers” by the larger medical community. Thankfully, the world is beginning to realize they are able to help many people that traditional medicine has failed. Along with the treatments, cannabis products such as CBD oil are proving to be wonderful enhancements.

1. Muscle Spasms

Those suffering from involuntary muscle spasms, called myoclonus, have symptoms that make daily life very hard. They endure all kinds of involuntary movements including twitching, jerking and even uncontrollable leg crossing. Muscle spasms are not only painful, but could prove embarrassing as well as dangerous, depending upon what is happening at the time. Once the only treatment for this condition was to prescribe anti-anxiety medications. These meds didn’t really solve the problem and caused side effects.

Thankfully, this condition improves greatly with combined chiropractic treatments and the use of medical marijuana. The chiropractor will treat the musculoskeletal system in the areas the spasms most often happen. Combined with CBD oil ointment rubbed into these areas, and taking CBD oil internally, a calming effect is produced within the muscles and they tend to not spasm as much or as hard.

For chiropractic patients who are interested in trying cannabis products too, they should mention this when filling out initial chiropractic exam forms. Many practitioners already have a wholesale supply of CBD oil and ointments. Those that don’t can easily obtain some before the patient’s first visit.

2. Epilepsy

The vagus nerve sends impulses directly to the brain. If the impulses it sends are slow and steady, the person feels normal. However, if the nerve starts sending erratic impulses, the person will have a seizure.

In the past, the only treatment given to those with severe seizures, was to operate on the brain. This often worked to stop or slow the seizures, but there was often damage to other functions from the invasiveness of the surgery.

Now there is vagus nerve stimulation therapy, but it also involves surgery to have a device implanted. However, many people, especially children, suffering from severe epilepsy have instantly improved with the assistance of CBD oil. In fact, a California girl named Charlotte responded brilliantly to CBD oil and even had a specific formula named after her: Charlotte’s Web. CBD oil was the only thing in all of Charlotte’s years that could make the seizures stop, and now Charlotte’s Web is available to everyone.

Regular use of CBD oil as well as chiropractic exams where the vagus nerve is soothed and calmed, greatly lessen the occurrence and severity of seizures for most people.

3. Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a degenerative nerve and muscular disease caused by the immune system of the patient’s own body. If a person with MS doesn’t move much, their condition may accelerate quickly. However, those with MS can greatly benefit from yoga, chiropractic treatments and CBD oil.

Traditional doctors inject MS patients with interferon, which works to help stop the body’s immune system from further damaging nerves. However, there is no cure for MS. If a patient wants to try more alternative approaches, the disease and its effects can be slowed.

By stretching the muscles in yoga class, some of the stiffness can be eased and the muscles may continue to be flexible for longer. Since chiropractic adjustments ease inflammation and stop nerves from being pressed on in the spinal column, the patient may experience less pain and greater range of movement after a treatment. Chiropractic treatments also stimulate the nerves and muscles to stop the disease from progressing as quickly.


CBD oil is the third part of a successful treatment plan because it also may stop the nerves from degenerating as quickly, calms the muscles and helps them maintain their healthier state.

Since cannabis and chiropractic treatments both work on the nervous system, they are perfect companions when someone is suffering from a disease or condition that attacks the spinal column and affects nerves and muscles. Learn more about cannabis strains here.

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