Who Are Cannabis Users Voting For? — Democratic Edition

(Who are cannabis users voting for?) — The 2016 election cycle is perhaps the most critical election cycle this country has faced, in regards to the legalization of marijuana. We’ve come a long way when you consider the lengthy history of legalizing marijuana in this country. With six states looking to approve recreational marijuana in 2016, the momentum is strong and the right president could trigger a cascade of marijuana-friendly legislation.

Marijuana is one of the most popular recreational drugs in America (alcohol and tobacco still have it beat due to legality issues). Marijuana is used by nearly 100 million Americans. Government surveys show that  ~25 million Americans have smoked marijuana in the past year, and more than 14 million do so regularly despite the strict legislation surrounding the plant.

With about 1/3rd of the USA population being marijuana-friendly, we beg the question: Who are cannabis users voting for?

In this survey, we seek to identify any correlates that may exist between cannabis use and democratic candidate support.

Here are a few resources if you wish to learn more about the candidates’ stances on marijuana

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Who are cannabis users voting for?

These results indicate that cannabis users that smoke either daily or regularly are voting overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders. Those who have never used cannabis, tried it once, or only use cannabis socially seem to be partial to Hilary Clinton. Interpret at will!

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Who are cannabis users voting for? -- Democratic Version

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